Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to 113 Divison SUGAR DELTA GROUP

Welcome to my friends to SUGAR DELTA family on 11mt band.
13 SD 110 Mr Dean from Kedah, West Malaysia
Start date : 19 Mac 2008
End date : 31 Dis 2009

We wish you good luck with your new call sign!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Oceania Contest

The world’s best on-line DX magazine for Freeband and CB Radio enthusiasts, ‘11m DX Activities Oz’, is proud to announce the dates and exciting new format of the 2008 Oceania Contest. Authorised by the World Wide Radio Organisation (WWRO) and also supported by the Australian Association of Citizens and Band Radio Operators Inc (ACBRO), the OC Contest is open to all operators, regardless of DX Group affiliation or DXCC location, with the aim being to make as many contacts with Oceania transmitting operators as possible.
* First Part: From 4/01/08, 0:00 GMT to 6/01/08, 12:00 GMT
* Second Part: From 11/01/08, 0:00 GMT to 13/01/08, 12:00 GMT
* Third Part: From 18/01/08, 0:00 GMT to 20/01/08, 12:00 GMT
More details information please go to 11m DX Activities Oz.
de 113SD101

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Propagation Update

A new group of sunpots appeared today. Conditions are expected to improve over the next 7 days. For more detail please refer to Propagation Service Center

73 de 113SD101

Welcome to My Blog

Dear all DXer,
My name is Rizal. My QTH in Temerloh, Pahang, West Malaysia. I'm very new in 11 meters band. I'm also amateur radio operator to, I Love DX and make a collection of QSL card. Anyway this hobby nice to learns and get the experiance about this. Hope to see you on the air.

Happy DX & Happy New Year 2008.
73s de 113SD101
West Malaysia